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  1. Mexican Map exercise.  Click on the "Map of  Mexico" link to begin.  Read the information on Mexico.  Next, click on the "quiz" link.  Print the quiz and complete. 
  2. Comparing Holidays Activity: Students will be assigned a group and a holiday to research: Mexican Independence DayDia de los Muertos, United States Independence Day and Halloween.  Read the article pertaining to your group.  Copy the questions below and write or type responses.
  • In what country and on what date and is this holiday celebrated?
  • What is the purpose of the holiday/celebration?
  • Who are the historical figures associated with this holiday and why?
  • Are there any special foods prepared for this holiday?
  • Are there any songs or music associated with this holiday?
  • Describe what makes this holiday unique to its culture.

       3. Each group will do an oral presentation of their assigned holiday. There will be class  discussion following the presentations to compare similarities and differences between the holidays (Mexican Independence Day vs. United States Independence Day and Halloween vs. Dia de los Muertos). Students will be evaluate on the content, appearance and presentation of their reports.

Ancient Aztec Daily Life:

Students will work in a group to research one of the following topics.  Then, present their research to the class as an oral presentation.

Body Adornment/Dress










More resources on Mexico:

  • The Ancient Aztecs at - Learn about Aztec sports, school, dress, food, laws, farming and art. Here the definition and pronunciation of Nahuatl words (you will need RealPlayer or other audio software).
  • Ancient Mexico - Outstanding, interactive and colorful Web site with maps, diagrams, timeline, art forms, letters, transcripts, and descriptions of the Conquest of Mexico.
  • Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries - This is an online exhibition from numerous Mexican collections. It includes colorful art pieces, games, interactivity, and teaching ideas.
  • Online Guide to Mexico -  This online guide provides information on Mexican history, art, holidays, natural history, and more.
  • Enchanted Learning - This is a great website for teachers to download printable maps of Mexico, quizzes, and general information.
  • Day of the Dead - This is my favorite website on this holiday! It has beautiful pictures and simple explanations. It offers recipes, poems, traditions, and much more.

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