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You're in the Money: Economics

  • Building Wealth: A beginner’s guide to personal finance created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The site includes interactive content and K-12 lesson plans.
  •  Money Made Easy: KeyBank’s guide to money management. Includes strategies for personal financial responsibility, and features an “Ask the Money Expert” feature.
  • Ohio Council on Economic Education: Includes six personal finance modules (as found in the Center for Economic Education’s Personal Finance Teachers Academy Resource Kit). More educational material to come.
  • Practical Money Skills for Life: Created by VISA, this site offers a wide variety of free resources for educators, including lesson plans for very young students and students with special needs. The website also features interactive games (ex. “Financial Football”).
  • Show Business: The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s learning activity on economics and the entertainment industry. Features two interactive units on the music and film industry.
  • PBS: In the Mix is the national award-winning TV series for teens and by teens on-air every week on PBS.“On the Money” was a special episode spotlighting financial literacy. Site features episode clips and teen-centered information. Your Life, Your Money, a PBS series show featuring real-life stories of young people facing and overcoming financial obstacles. The accompaniment website features educator resources and an interactive game – “Your Life, Your Money, Your World.”
  • Ohio Department of Education: In the search bar enter: “financial literacy” (Family and Consumer Sciences – Financial Literacy).  This will direct you to a list of additional online resources and information on teacher academies in Ohio.
  • Laws of Supply and Demand - brief explanation
  • A Lesson on Supply and Demand - We all watch the prices at the local pumps as closely as the price of a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or a Whopper sandwich, yet statistics report that our average fuel economy of cars and light trucks is at the lowest level since 1980! Well, just how did that happen?
  • Trading Around the World - Play this game to experience the challenges and excitement of international trade
  • Music, Maestro, Please: Show Business and the Factors of Production - Online interactive lesson on goods and services
  • Consumer Decisions - In this interactive online lesson students review the resources used to produce goods and services and learn how decisions are made in a market economy through the interactions of both the buyers and the sellers.

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