2014 Honor Society Induction

nhs14 srThe National Honor Society had their annual induction ceremony on April 10th and these senior members were presented their stoles for graduation.

Pictured (L-R) in the front row are Mr. Bryce Werntz (advisor), Levi Davis, Shane Woolum, Mason Waugh, Kayla Swann, and Ressie Hess.

Second row: Garrin Stiltner, Shelby Stapleton, Sara Stacy, Colton Salyers, Kasey Boggess, and Leanna Adkins.

Third row: Faith McCoy, Katelyn Massie, Kelsey Hoskins, AJ Rose, Autumn Casey, and Mikka French.

Fourth row: Jordan Fisher, Savanna Cooper, Cody Coon, Brandon Coon, Cole Hilderbrant, and Cory Montgomery.


nhs14 jrAlso during the annual ceremony, these Juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society.

Front row (L-R) Mr. Bryce Werntz (advisor), Chris Piepenstock, Sydney Strite, Amber Smith, Emily Sites, Layne Roseberry, and Chris Penwell.

Second row: Cailin Michael, Merrill Melvin, Macy Melvin, Karley Maple, Griffen Jenkins, and Brittany Hubbard.

Third row: Emily Davis, Jonathon Harrison, Michaela Harden, Abby Haislop, Joseph Gallagher, Kelsey Gaines, Anthony Dutton, and Makayla Clarkson.

Fourth row: Clayton Christensen, Kory Criner, Micaela Casto, Kyle Cox, Torie Canter, Devin Coon, Adrianna Bryant, Jayla Comer, Emily Brewer, Katie Cline, Joshua Bock, and Rylee Bates.

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