Hall of Honor Nominations

The Hall of Honor was developed to recognize outstanding community persons.  The Board of Education decided that the recognition would be conducted every other year, beginning in 2012, with one recipient per selection year.  2018 is the year for nominations.

The selection procedure includes these criteria:
A.  Former employees, board of education members, and volunteers - length and quality of service to the field of education, and to the contribution made to the school district, the community, and to society in general.
B.  Patrons - Consideration of the purpose and significance of gifts.
C.  Alumni - Former students who have made a significant impact in their field of endeavor.
D.  Others - those whose achievements reflect positively upon the school in some very significant way.

For the complete Hall of Honor guidelines, click here.

If you have anyone in mind that is within the criteria listed above that you would like to see nominated for the Hall of Honor of Oak Hill Union Local School District, please submit a letter of recommendation by January 12, 2018 to Hall of Honor, Attention: Nancy Cherrington at 205 Western Avenue, Oak Hill, Ohio 45656.

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