Norman Richard Anderson
Wilma Ferne Christian
Charles Frederick Corbett
Nard Dean Corvin
Reva Ferne Corvin
Clarice Marie Davis
Glenna Ann Davis
Hayden Leroy Davis
David Don Delaney
Jack Edwin Haydon
Wendell Royce Horton
Betty Ann Jones
Evelyn Elizabeth Jones
William Eugene Kidder
Edith June Lambert
William Ross Lambert
Lorraine Elizabeth Lewis
Phyllis Lewis
Robert Ray Lewis
Wilbur Dale Lewis
Jessie McCain
Baeotta McCorkle
Paul William Miller
Helen Mae Morgan
Gloria Marlene Rainer
Lehman Leroy Rose
Janet Lee Slagle
Janice Irene Slagle
Rita Ferne Smith
Glenna Fern Smittle
Betty Eileen Snyder
Weldon Emmett Snyder
Marjorie Ferne Strickland
Mary Florence Taylor
Dwight Chalmers Thompson
Norma Jean Thomas
Marianne Toner
Roy C. Webb

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