Geraldine A. Addis
Rosa Juanita Adkins
Donald Leo Anderson
Pearl Mae Betts
Lottie Margaret Brown
Forest E. Carter
William Wayne Clark
Agnes O. Conley
Janice Carolyn Conley
Gladys Marie Cooper
James Dwight Dameron
Jack L. Delaney
Paul L. Donley
Juanita Ann Dunn
John Howard Elcess
Janet Ruth Frye
David Gregory Griffiths
Harold Clayton Hale
Gerald Stephen Heading
Gwendola Ferne Herbert
Paul Vonlyn Howard
Clay Edward Howell
Paul Myron Jones
Foster Lahrmer
Lillian Laura Lambert
Jacqueline Layne
Doris Marie McFann
Opal Marie McFann
Owen Joseph McKinnis
Tommy Merrill Miller
Judith Ann Morgan
Mary Kathryn Oiler
Clyde E. Radabaugh
Jean Ann Rawlins
Melba Faye Reese
James R. Siders, Jr.
Theodore N. Snyder
Mary Lou Spriggs
Paul Lloyd Staten
Dorothy Faye Taylor
Donna Imogene Thompson
Keith Ward
Charles Robert Williams

Text Alerts and Messages

alert buttonText alerts are available for school closings, delays, early dismissals, emergencies, and general announcements. These are in addition to automated phone calls currently sent during inclement weather. Click here for more info.

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